General Services


We provide consultancy services in many areas starting from the planning phase, project implementation and goals achievement

Training Service

We provide a wide range of training modules in various fields such as petroleum, geographic information systems, health and safety. Our courses are customized to fit the audience’s background and needs.

In-house Solutions

Working in partnership with our clients to provide customized training at their base. IPI In-House Training sessions are scheduled at your facility and at your requested times, to accommodate your busy schedules to train your team in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

QHSE Services

QHSE Policies

Designing and developing QHSE policies & procedures.

Fire Safety & Firefighting

Providing technical support in the field of fire safety &firefighting systems, include fire risk assessment and controls, supervision of the designing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of firefighting systems.

Environmental Pollution

Monitor and evaluate environmental pollution and provide appropriate scientific and practical solutions.

Waste Management

Preparing, designing and following up the implementation of waste management plans.


Design, implement and monitor quality systems for all organizations, include
– ISO 9001 Quality management system
– ISO 45000 Occupational health and safety management system
– ISO 14001 Environmental management system
– ISO 22000 Food safety management system

HSE inspection and risk assessment for all organizations.

Designing and developing emergency preparedness and response plans.

HSE audit

Environmental Impacts Assessment for all types of projects.

Environmental management of facilities and preparing monthly reports.

Providing solutions in the areas of energy use, clean energy and sustainable development.

GIS Services

GIS Mapping

Designing maps with high-level cartographic standards for offline uses. Designing online maps to extend your reach. Narrating your stories using story maps.

Spatial Database Design

Designing the schemas that best fit your requirements and your long-term objectives. We deliver the best models that ease the storage of your data, querying spatial data and relating your information.

Spatial Data Cleanup

Cleaning up vector spatial data from human-made errors and assuring data integrity, removing attributes data entry mistakes and implement topological solutions to insure spatial relationship accuracy.

Spatial Data Processing

Processing your spatial data to meet your requirement, converting the data into various formats. Utilizing advanced GIS tools to prepare your data for analysis.

GIS Data Analysis

Applying advanced GIS analysis method to analyze your data and extract accurate results that help you in making decision. Scientific reports are provided to clarify the results.

Network Analysis

Determining the best routes that help you provide better service, reduce costs and manage the time. Delivering perfect solutions that help you detect nearest services, ordering your warehouses supplies and optimizing your vehicles

Site Selection and Prioritization

Determining the optimum spots to open your new services or defining the suitability of an area for your project. Examining various factors and routing possibilities to assure the success of your project.

Map Production

Producing high-quality maps for various fields such as base maps, marketing maps, As-Built maps and demographic maps. Maps can be ordered in various sizes and scales, in one paper or divided into multiple papers.

WebGIS Application Development

Developing user-friendly WebGIS applications for both desktop and mobile users to extend your reach. Customizing the application interface according to your needs and providing technical support and training for each product.

GIS Projects

Utilizing efficient and cost-effective map-based solutions to implement your tasks and meet your needs. Help you define your project scope and what suits your vision and your end-users.

International Petroleum Institute
P.O. Box: 2046; Salalah 211, Oman
☎  00968-97 55 00 55

International Petroleum Institute
P.O. Box: 2046; Salalah 211, Oman
☎  00968-97 55 00 55