Incident And Accident Investigation

Course Duration

This course will be instructed in a period of 48 hours covered in 16 days.

Course Objectives

Aim of the module: to provide trainees with basic skills, knowledge and methodologies related to HSE incident & accident investigation

Course Outlines

• National and international regulations related to the accident
• Explain the meaning and impact of accidents
• Identify different types of accident causes
• Purpose of an accident investigation
• Root and contributory cause of the accident
• Accident investigation techniques and strategies
• Learn how to obtain information to prevent
• reoccurrences.
• Introduce Basic Skills in the Recognition & Control of Occupational Hazards.
• Provide and develop Accident Investigation Skills for Supervisors.
• Relationship between Accident Investigation & Accident Prevention?
• Compile data and prepare reports
• Make recommendations (corrective actions)

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