Chemical Hazard Dealing With The Risk

Course Duration

This course will be instructed in a period of 25 hours covered in 8 days.

Course Objectives

Aim of the module: to enable the participants understanding the hazards associated with chemicals and carry out sufficient chemical risk assessment

Course Outlines

  • Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard
  • Recognize chemical hazards commonly encountered in the workplace and home
  • Explain the warning properties of various chemical hazards & How Chemicals are Labeled
  • Proper handling, use and storing of chemicals
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Chemicals that are used in your workplace
  • Possible dangers may be worker exposed to
  • Route of exposure and health risk assessment
  • Evaluate and control these hazards.
  • Fume Cupboards & Safety Cabinets
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Agencies That Regulate Hazardous Chemical Storage
  • Basic Procedures for Spills & First aid

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